Audio/Visual Solution

LED Video Wall

We have fully equipped P3 P4 P5 LED Screen can meet all of the screen requirements for your events. With Spark’s P5 LED Wall, we can revive your occasion and spice up the whole area. The cutting edge technologies with which it is integrated and the high end mechanism used in it have made it a high tech product, and our LED wall can even eliminate the need to grab a seat on the front row. When it comes to the efficiency of these, it varies from displaying real time videos, flash videos, animations, pictures, images, graphics and texts which can be directly displayed on the monitor.

About Our P2 P3 P4 P5 LED Screen:

  • I. 3000:1 high contrast  Unique small pitch series black masks greatly enhance screen contrast;
  • effectively improve the degree of luminescence neat, LED light side emitting brightness differences are minimized;
  • uniform brightness when viewing the screen from sid..

Lighting, Staging


No other element sets the mood for a truly memorable event like specialty lighting. Spark specializes in creating unique lighting effects and environments with light, colour and motion to make any event an event to remember! From vivid visual landscapes to high energy searchlight effects.

Lighting is a vital factor in the success of any event. We specialize in creating unique lighting effects that are sure to enhance even the worst environments. You only have one shot at creating a lasting impression.

Visual / Audio


Spark provides a broad offering of audio/visual reinforcement services featuring the latest technology for virtually any environment.

Whether you require simple audio applications or one-of-a-kind custom systems, we are able to off event planners and promoters the opportunity of utilizing just one company to handle ALL production requirements, from the planning process to going “LIVE”.

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