How to Enhance Your Next Event with an LED Video Wall

You’re getting ready to plan a large-scale event and wondering what you can do to take it up a notch. A great suggestion that is often a big hit is incorporating an HD LED video wall. You may feel that this is easier said than done, but it is worth the effort. No matter what sort of event you’re hosting, whether it’s a corporate function, romantic wedding ceremony, an awards gala, or game day, an LED video wall will help you transform the environment.

So, how can you enhance your event with an HD LED wall? Here are a few of our ideas to help get the most out of the experience.

Dynamic Content

Well-planned and dynamic content can keep the audience captivated for hours. Displaying this content on a video wall in comparison to a projection screen serves to intensify the overall effect. With the addition of motion graphics and other effects, you can be sure to create an engaging display to keep the crowd interested. In case of corporate events in particular, the addition of a video wall makes the atmosphere less intimidating and more inviting as it provides a focal point and conversation piece.

How to Enhance Your Next Event with an LED Video Wall

High Definition Graphics

High definition graphics make a lot of difference. Just as we’ve come to accept HD as the norm for our tv channels, we should expect the same for any visual presentation. HD LED video panels can display crisp and clear images, so be sure to use it to your advantage by including superior quality videos and pictures. Ensure the resolution of your videos is 1080 pixels or higher. The quality is directly proportional to the chances of your event’s success, so aim to impress your guests.

HD LED video panels

Flexibility & Arrangement

Get a little playful with the layout of the video wall. It can help to change up the pace of the event. Remember when setting up the HD LED wall to be sure that the guests in the back will be able to see the screen as clearly as those seated at the front. You want everyone to be able to be equally engaged.

HD LED video wall

Placement of Speakers or Hosts

Make sure that you are aware of the speaker’s placement. Video walls can be an excellent backdrop for the event presenters, however, depending on where they stand, they may hamper the visibility of what is going on behind them. This can be particularly true in recordings and photos.

Video walls

Complete Set-up

Look at the whole picture of your space and make use of the video wall accordingly to create a remarkable setup to enthral your audience. LED walls leave a lasting impression and adding in other factors and integrating them as a part of your staging composition will enhance the whole experience.

 advantages of using an LED video wall

Since there are several advantages of using an LED video wall, it has become a new trend in the event industry. LED projectors are still used, but the difference is apparent. A quick comparison between the two helps to emphasize these.

LED Video Wall vs Traditional Projectors


LED video walls are unquestionably better in respect to brightness when compared to traditional projectors, making the images more vivid.

LED Video Wall
Traditional Projectors


Video walls display in High Definition, while projectors display in Standard Definition. Because of this, video walls are also able to create larger images. Also, audiences that are seated further away from the screen will find the image to be blurry when a projector is being used, but an LED video wall will be clear no matter where in the room someone is standing.

Video walls display in High Definition
LED video wall


LED walls are easier to setup and can be turned on quickly. Projectors take more time to warm up and have limitations regarding placement. They typically need to be mounted high up and at the back of the room for optimal viewing.


Maintenance and upkeep of a video wall is comparatively easier than projectors. Also, in case of any problems with your projector, you will need to send it out. This is not the case with LED video walls.


Although LED walls are slightly more expensive than projectors, they make up with reduced maintenance costs and power consumption, as well as better performance.

LED video walls are the future of displays in public places, conferences, and events. If you’re looking to have a video wall at your next get together, get in touch with our specialists at 647-839-8882. We will help you make your event a hassle-free and memorable experience for you and your guests.

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